Sproutcore Blogsphere

by Evin

I just want to give a shout out to some guys who are on my team who are blogging some cool stuff.

Mike Cohen (frozencanuck)

Mike just joined our team a just few weeks ago. He is learning Sproutcore from scratch and doing a great job. He is posting some beginner tutorials about what he is learning from the team. It is great to see through his eyes the stuff that can be confusing and he is writing some posts on the following:

Josh Holt

Josh is another member of our team that is doing a little more advanced stuff. He is taking the Root Controller Paradigm and expanding on it to do some dynamic calculations. It is a good read on the relationships of properties in objects and between objects when trying to get the data that you need for your views. You can find his post here

Great Work Guys!

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One Response to “Sproutcore Blogsphere”

  1. Josh Holt Says:

    Evin, thanks for the mention here. I attribute where I am with sproutcore to all of the early documenters (such as yourself) on the github wiki and of course the posts here. I can’t leave off the great documentation in the framework, without it we all might still be trudging along.
    I am not an expert by any means but I hope to be able to help whenever possible.

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